Water Walking

Satruday, September 11
Entry Deadline: August 28

Westwood Family Aquatic Center
1017 Fairway Drive
Norman, OK 73069

Event Check In: 9:00 am
Warm Up: 9:30 am
Meet Starts: 10:00 am

Women’s Singles, Men’s Singles
Women’s Team, Men’s Team
Mixed Team (any mix)


Order of Events
200 yd individual.         (1 time around the river)

400 yd individual.         (2 times around the river)
1000 yd individual        (5 times around the river)
800 yd relay team of 4  (4 times around the river)



  1. All walking events will be timed finals

  2. Walkers may choose to wear water shoes or not.

  3. The age division for the team event will be determined by the age of the youngest walker on December 31, 2021.



For $5 each, your guests can also swim. They can use the meandering brook (Norman supplies the rafts) when it is not being used for the Water Walking competition, the splash pad, the slides and have an hour swim after the meet. There is no charge for your guests coming to watch.


Josh Holman
Aquatics Supervisor/Special Events

This is NOT a qualifying event for 2021 National Senior Games
It is a GREAT way to be active outside and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow athletes.