Volunteer Facts

What should I wear?   When our volunteer coordinator or sports director contacts you, please ask about how you should dress as dress depends upon the site and the weather.  If you volunteer site is outside, we recommend that you wear some form of protection from the sun such as a hat, sun glasses and/or sun screen.  Water and fruit will usually be provided and if your shift is a long one and over the lunch time, lunch will be provided.  Masks will also be provided for all volunteers.


What will I be doing?  Each event has unique needs.  We have listed the specific needs for each event under Types of Positions Needed with a link to the Sign Up Genius website.


Is there an age requirement?  There is not an age requirement.  We encourage everyone of all ages to volunteer.  Volunteers under the age of 15 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Where do I go?   You will receive a phone call prior to The Games to verify the event at which you will be volunteering.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time and report to the check-in desk at the site.  If you have questions pertaining to your assignment, please call Regina at 405-802-4491 at least 24 hours before your scheduled time.

Link to sign up to volunteer: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040A4DA4A628AA8-oklahoma1


Corporate Volunteer Program  If there are 10 or more volunteers from your business or group including family and friends, we will give your business special recognition for volunteering.  Please call Regina Stewart with regard to this program at (405) 802-4491 or email her at Regina1022@sbcglobal.net


Link to sign up to volunteer:   https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040A4DA4A628AA8-oklahoma1