2021 Registration Fees and Deadlines

Registration Fees

Registration fee is $60.00 

Early Bird Registration Fee is $50.00 by August 1

Fee includes up to 6 events.

Additional events are $5.00 each.

An event is defined as Singles Tennis or 100M Dash or 5K Road Race.  If you enter table tennis singles, doubles and mixed doubles you have entered 3 events.

A $10 fee will be added for any paper registrations.

There is a $5 registration fee

Certain sports incur an additional fee: 

Bowling:        $3.00 per event

Golf:               $30 which includes lunch

Triathlon:      $45

Pickleball:      $10 referee fee

If you sign up for Fitness only, you pay the registration fee of $25.  If you add Fitness as an additional event; there is no additional charge.

If you sign up for 5 vs 5 vs 5 Softball, there is no extra fee for Pitch, Hit, Run.

If you only do Pitch, Hit, Run, the fee is $25.00

If you only do Water Walking, the fee is $20.00


There are no early bird fees for team sports.

You can sign up as an individual and be placed on a team.  If this would be your only event you will be charged only the $5 registration fee.  You pay your share of the team fee to the team captain.  You, however, must complete the entire registration form.

If you are participating in another event, you pay your regular fee and will not be charged the team fee. You pay the team fee to your team captain.

Basketball 3 vs 3 Team fee is $180 

Softball 5 vs 5 vs 5 Team fee is $ 150 

Volleyball  $25 per player; for volleyball you sign up as an individual.




We have rolling registration deadlines.

Most sport registration deadlines are two weeks prior to the event.

Fitness has a one week prior deadline for each of the four segments of the competition.

Pitch, Hit, Run sign-ups are open until an hour before the event starts.