Equipment & Uniforms


Athletes are responsible for providing their own equipment.  However, for the field events implements will be pooled.  Athletes are permitted to use their own implements and where prudent, share them with competitors who do not have their own.  Athletes who wish to use their own implements shall agree to all certification procedures including but not limited to, marking, impounding, etc.  Athletes must provide their own vaulting poles.



All athletes must wear athletic type clothing and shoes that are usual and customary for the sport in which they are competing.  Street type clothing and shoes that are inappropriate may cause disqualification.  Event directors have been given authorization by the Oklahoma Senior Games to make this determination.


Team Uniforms

Team clothing (shirts, pants, shorts) must be of like design and color.  Teams must have both “home” and “away” uniforms with permanently attached numbers on the front and back as required by the rules of their sport.  Refer to each sport for specific placement of numbers.  Sponsors may be added to the jersey but cannot interfere with number placement.


Uniforms shall be free of inappropriate symbols or wording.